Frequently Asked Questions

How big are these images?

Blakeway Gigapixels are huge – most are over 25 gigapixels in size (that’s 25 billion pixels)! If you were to surround yourself with a sphere of 1080p HDTVs (2 Megapixels) and display the image at full resolution, you would need over 13,000 HDTVs to show the entire image at once. Blakeway Gigapixels are massive, allowing for the most incredible detail in fan event images in the world.

How long do these images take to shoot?

We can shoot in as little as 2 minutes during game breaks. The more time we have, the higher quality your Blakeway Gigapixel will be.

Images this large must consume a lot of bandwidth. Who pays for this?

We do. Our servers are optimized to display these large images and handle large traffic.

What online set-up is involved?

We will create assets to help with promotion. Post graphics announcing the launch on social media, and paste a few lines of code for email. It’s simple!

I’ve heard of this technology and know what other companies usually charge. What’s the catch?!

Our business is selling panoramas. Help us build our brand, and we’d be more than happy to help you build yours! Increase our product awareness by sending out a dedicated email to your fans. We strive to build long-lasting relationships and are willing to get creative with you in your marketing initiatives.

About Blakeway Gigapixel

Blakeway Gigapixel is powered by Blakeway Worldwide Panoramas. Our company has over 25 years of experience in the panoramic photography industry and we are the largest panoramic publisher in the world.

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