Gigapixels are not only fun for fans, they offer great benefits to the team as well.

Viral Exposure

After the game, fans can relive the fun over and over by viewing the gigapixel. The average fan spends over 5 minutes searching, rotating and zooming to find themselves & friends, viewing videos, and entering contests.

When fans tag and share on social media or via email, the team's exposure goes far beyond the stadium - it goes viral. You can reach far more fans than can fit in the stadium or arena.


Our servers are optimized to display the gigapixel and handle significant amounts of traffic. The gigapixel will not tie up your server bandwidth or cause your server to crash with all of the intense fan interest.


With every tag, we collect the gigapixel viewers name and email address and share this list with you so you will have another audience interested in team news, tickets, & promotions.


There is no cost to you if you help market our product. Our business is selling panoramic posters. The gigapixel is a marketing tool. If you help us build our brand, we'll help build yours.

Having a great fan photo is nothing if nobody knows it's there. All we ask is you promote the 360° fan photo and panoramic poster for us to your fans.

Blakeway creates customized email & social media graphics for the event so the communication process is turnkey. All you need to do is email and post on social media, spreading the word among your fans of the awesome photos available of the event.

Become a Fan

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